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Tiger Fighting October 10 News In the friendly match that ended earlier, England beat Wales 3-0. Lewin made his national team debut and scored a goal. Recently, the Everton striker was also interviewed by the media.

Tiger Fighting 10月10日新闻在较早结束的友谊赛中,英格兰3-0击败威尔士。莱温首次亮相国家队并进球。最近,埃弗顿前锋也接受了媒体采访。

He said: "A lot of thoughts gathered for these bits and pieces that have happened. At that moment (first show), I knew how proud my family would be, and how proud I would be."


"I have experienced different experiences, both beautiful and difficult. These have shaped me into the current Lewin. In everyone's eyes, I have seen the understanding of football that I accepted in the Premier League."


"I am not the one I was when I joined Everton 4 years ago. From now on, I have grown up and matured. I am now 23 years old, and I know the important thing is that I have learned, even at critical moments. , Don’t be too obsessed with the present, but focus on the future."


"To a certain extent, his entire image has a great influence on me. See how calm, extremely calm and composed he is, which means that he is a coach I like to fight for him."


"First of all, he is a good person. This is also the most important thing. I think it is very important. He immediately filled me with confidence. As an accomplished coach, he worked with many great players, which gave me great encouragement. ."

“首先,他是一个好人。这也是最重要的事情。我认为这很重要。他立即使我充满信心。作为一名经验丰富的教练,他与许多伟大的球员一起工作,这给了我很大的鼓励。 ……”。

"His game at Everton allowed me to focus more on being the focus of the team. Doing my job is to score goals."


"Haha, he called me this morning, but I was eating breakfast, so I missed it! Then I sent him a message, saying that I would call him after our recovery training and interview."


"Seriously, after a night game, you always have a hard time falling asleep, because you seem to have a lot of caffeine in your body, and the adrenaline is still soaring in your body."


"After I went to bed, I found that I was still awake, and then I drank a small cup of Yorkshire tea to relax. I tried to look back on what happened. I woke up this morning and knew that I had accomplished my goal. It felt great. .Know that things are not always like this, so I’m so thankful that this is really good."


"The timing is very important. This season I scored at the best time. For any striker, confidence is very important. I am very confident now. This is your first time in the national team. It's very helpful to be out there."


"This is the dream of a forward ball, but I have to admit that it feels weird to have no fans, because there is no huge cheer, so when you score a goal, you can only hear the celebration on the bench."


"I talked to Caddy before the game and he told me he hadn't scored a goal for a long time, and I told him that we will definitely score goals from set kicks today."


"So that pass, I planned to go to the back post, but I went to the front, and finally he went to the back and hit the ball in. I was really ecstatic for him, I knew he was in Sheffield United. When I was on loan, I was a little boy training in the first team."


"Sunday's game will be an important game. Preparation is the key. We are all focused, focused and accepted the challenge."


"If I start, I will be ready. But there are a lot of good people in this team. If you look at the players who are not included in the starting list of 11, they are very important people in their club. , So there is competition in the team."


"It is a very proud moment to represent your country in the competition. We all want to participate. This kind of competition has continuously improved the level of players."


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